With nine different currencies to choose from the Barclays muliticurrency prepaid card is the smartest way to shop, dine and pay bills both locally and abroad

It’s International

Reduce need to carry lots of foreign currency on international travel

It's cheaper

You save on foreign currency transactional costs

It’s more manageable

Complete audit trail and detailed electronic reporting

It’s flexible

Cards can be reloaded on demand

It’s more convenient

Get and spend your money without needing a bank account and access cash at any ATM

It’s easier

Simply swipe, punch in your pin, and you’re done.

It’s smarter

Prepaid offers you the future of simple, safe, electronic transacting today.

Card Issue Fee
Card Replacement Fee
Card Loading Fee
Point of Sale Transactions
Online Transactions
Foreign Currency Fees
ATM Services and Charges
Cancellation or Redemption
Multicurrency Prepaid
  • Chip & PIN card


US Dollar, British Pound, EURO, South African Rand, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Indian Rupee, Japanese Yen, Kenya Shilling

KES116 (per load including sms alert cost)
Subject to a commission of 3.2%. (This applies if transaction currency is different from wallet currency)

BBK ATM – KES50 + Duty

Non BBK/International ATM – KES200 + Duty

Foreign Currency fees – subject to a commission of 3.2%.

Note: Foreign banks may charge additional fees to dispense services.













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