Whether you’re travelling or your Barclays card has been stolen, let us assist you in insuring it.

What does it cover? 

Policy Section Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Family option Max
Travel cover 1.      Medical expenses and hospitalisation - up to USD45,000
2.      Loss of baggage - up to USD2,000
3.      Emergency medical evaluation - up to USD10,000
Card Skimming Cover of up to USD2,000 per card Up to USD 3,000 per card Up to USD2,000 per card Up to USD500 per card
Loss at ATM Cover of up to USD1,000 per card Up to USD1,500 per card Up to USD4,000 per card Up to USD1,000 per card
Purchase protection Cover of up to USD1,200 per card Up to USD2,000 per card Up to USD3,000 per card Up to USD750 per card
Personal accident Limit KES250,000 Limit KES500,000 Limit KES1,000,000 Limit KES1,000,000
Home contents Limit KES100,000 Limit KES150,000 Limit KES200,000 Limit KES200,000
Annual premiums 2,373 3,335 4,248 6,799

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