The do’s and don’ts of credit cards

In the right hands credit is a tool that allows you to do what you have to when necessary or needed, especially when you lack funds. It lets you build or improve your credit record, is safer and more convenient to use than cash and offers great rewards too.
However, any tool in the wrong hands can be dangerous and do more harm than good. That’s why we want to help you with the following facts and information.

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Start smart

It’s important that you have the right information about how to use your credit card right from the start.

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Cautious spending

While you have access to extra cash, it is always wise to use credit carefully.

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Make a match

Choose a card that matches your lifestyle. If it is a rewards card, choose one with benefits that you know you will use.

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No fees

Opt for a no fees card. These cards are great for sudden emergency situations or online purchases.

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More freedom

A card with fees will offer you more benefits. Do your due diligence and see if the fee is worth it.

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Watch out

Be aware of the interest rate connected to your card. Make your payments before each statement’s due date and you’ll always have an interest-free credit.

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More is less 

If you can’t afford to settle the full outstanding amount, ensure you pay more than the minimum installment. You’ll square the interest owed although your debt won’t go away.

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The one!

If your outstanding credit card debt becomes too big, consider consolidating it all into one with an alternative loan. You’ll be charged a lower interest fee on the outstanding amount.

What you also need to know

Build or Improve Credit Card
Build or improve your credit record

To start building your credit record or improve it you need to ensure you maintain a good credit history, stay in the loop with respect to your credit worthiness, and understand your credit score and credit report.

Build or Improve Credit Card
Protect your credit

We have credit protection plans that will help settle the repayments of your debt in the event of death, disability, critical illness or retrenchment.

Build or Improve Credit Card
What we look at

Past or existing good credit history, on-time loan payments, as well as on-time debit order payments are all indicative of you being reliable and good at managing your money.


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