Benevolence in faith and life

Asset Finance done the Shari’ah way upholds the highest values and will complement both your faith and way of life.

La Riba Vehicle Finance

La Riba Vehicle/Asset Finance can be done either on a Murabahah or Musharaka financing structure. In Murabahah the bank sells an asset at a mark up and the total is repaid over an agreed period. The mark-up will remain fixed for the entire period. In Musharaka the profit is calculated on a reducing basis and is subject to variation

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La Riba Home Finance

La Riba home Finance can be done using Diminishing Musharaka financing structure. In Diminishing Musharaka the bank and customer contribute their respective share in the asset.
The customer gradually buys out bank’s share and pays rent for the banks share in the property

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Benefits for Shari'ah compliant Asset Finance

Fully Shari'ah compliant benefits


Can acquire assets for future use at today's cost


Reduces pressure on working capital


Repayments can be structured to meet cash flows


Securitization does not require legal input & is therefore fast & easier.

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Obsolescence - business can easily acquire new assets e.g. if the technology changes.

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