You handle your business - we’ll help you collect payments

We offer a variety of ways for you to collect money and handle cash payments, all designed to give you more time to focus on your business.

Build or Improve Credit Card
Domestic Direct Debit

Get total control over your collection processes with our automated direct debit solution.


Build or Improve Credit Card
Corporate Mobile Cashless Collections

Receive payments from your customers’ mobile Wallets directly into your Barclays account.


Build or Improve Credit Card
Bank Direct Collections

Take the risk out of handling cash and cheques at your business premises with our innovative courier solutions.


Get agreed payments regularly and timely

The peace of mind of knowing you will be paid what you’re owed, when it’s due

We give you total control over your collection processes through automated collection of agreed amounts from your debtor’s bank account. Through automated verification, we ensure that you make your collections accurately and timely.


Improve your cash flow by improving your collection process

Enjoy immediate benefits with our Corporate Mobile Cashless Collection

Our Mobile Cashless Collection solution facilitates receipt of payments from your customers’ Mobile Wallets directly into your Barclays account. This improves your collection process where you benefit from instant payment notification, detailed and concise reconciliation reports, as well as 24-hour translation of E-float to cash or credit.


We’ll take the burden of handling cash off your shoulders

Direct banking collection options designed around your business needs

Bank Direct Cash and Cheque Bulk Collections

Barclays, in partnership with cash-in-transit companies, collects bulk cash and cheques from your premises and deposits the funds into your account.


Bank Direct On-site Teller

In addition to our Cash and Cheque Bulk Collections, we provide trained personnel to handle collections at your premises.

The cashier, or teller, manages the acceptance, processing and handling of cash and cheques, including the preparation of deposits via Cash and Cheque Bulk Collection.

Bank Direct Mail

Save time with Bank Direct Mail. We collect non-cash items such as cheques, instructions, treasury confirmations, trade documents, and cheque book requests and deliver these to the bank on your behalf.

Bill Validation

Our bill validation solution ensures 100% accuracy of the information we capture during over-the-counter collections.

The bank authenticates narrations provided by your customer against a database of the payer’s details provided by you.

This makes for easier reconciliation and accurate data capture, enabling you to directly use the bank statement for updating your operating or accounting systems.

Cash Deposit Vouchers

You can do your cash collections at any of our branches.

Deposits done at the branch require the depositor’s unique reference. Your unique reference facilitates over-the-counter cash, cheque and account transfers across all our branches countrywide.

Depositor information is available to you instantly, making your reconciliation process easier.

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