Our Philosophy

We believe that our future success depends on us focusing on the interests of our primary stakeholders, who include Barclays customers, employees as well as the community.

Our philosophical approach to Citizenship is that we must partner with our stakeholders to maximize the opportunities presented by economic, social and environmental sustainability issues, as well as collaborate to minimise the associated risks – both direct and indirect.

Buildings-Economic Development
Economic Development

We adhere to good governance and responsible practices, which ensure that the Bank continues to create value for shareholders. In addition, we contribute greatly towards economic development through business activity as well as community investment in areas such as small business growth and entrepreneurship.

Financial Literacy & Inclusion documents
Financial Literacy & Inclusion

Approximately three billion people worldwide seek access to basic financial services. As a global financial services business, we acknowledge the important role they have to play in bridging this gap.

Barclays partnered with CARE and Plan International to launch the "Banking on Change" Programme.

This is a unique and pioneering community-based savings and loan model with the goal of reducing poverty, and enhancing income opportunities for households in seven rural and peri-urban districts.An estimated 800 groups have already embraced the initiative in which individuals apply proven savings and investment practices. The participating groups have managed to build an asset base of Kshs 7.6 million with 99 % of members already accessing loans to boost their businesses and support their families. Interest revenue generated from loans in circulation is ploughed directly back into the groups’ fund to facilitate their growth and make an even greater economic impact.

Environmental Sustainability plants
Environmental Sustainability

Environmental management remains as important in our business in Kenya as it is for Barclays worldwide. We follow an Environmental Management System (EMS)– a framework for monitoring and managing the organisation’s environmental performance and activities. It is in keeping with this that we continue to promote environmental stewardship in our operations, as well as the community.

Moreover, our employees, management and board are strong supporters of environmental initiatives and are fully involved in conservation and awareness efforts in the community.

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