A business mortgage is the answer

Whether you want to buy a new building or release equity from your existing loan, our business mortgage loan is the solution you need.


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For any business use

Use your business mortgage to buy premises or release equity.

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Loan repayment

Get loan repayment cover for your mortgage.

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Flexible interest rate

You can choose from a fixed or variable rate of interest.

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Re-finance your business

Get your mortgage loan to refinance your second business.

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What you get
  • Get mortgage for owner occupation for a first and second home or you can re-finance to get another loan.
  • Receive mortgage for commercial purposes where the business will be operating.
  • Choose from low fixed or variable rate of interest.
  • Use your mortgage for equity release on residential property.
  • Get loan repayment cover for you mortgage (minimum cover should be 1.5 times the outstanding loan amount).
  • The business must be in existence for at least 4 years, showing profits in the last 3 years of operation.
  • The minimum value of property must be KES3m for Nairobi and KES1.2m for rural areas.
  • The maximum loan will be determined by the value of the property.
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