Are you salaried? Do you need some cash for school fees, car purchase, or home improvement? Then the Barclayloan is for you. This is an unsecured personal loan product for salaried customers, which is tailored to meet personal expenditures.

Scheme Loan

The Scheme Loan is a personal loan for employees of a company, which is administered through an agreement between Barclays and any participating company. This loan is also tailored to meet your personal expenditures.

Barclays Direct Loan

If you work for a multinational or a large corporate organization then the Barclays Direct loan is designed for you. This is an unsecured personal loan which combines a quick turnaround time and competitive interest rates and fees.

Salary Advance

With our Salary Advance product you can make any day your pay day. Get up to 50% of your salary on any day of the month.

Expatriate Loan

If you are a foreign national holding professional qualifications and working in Kenya for a period of time then our expatriate loan products are just for you.

Secured Loan

The Barclays Secured loan is designed for today's executive with its flexible repayment terms and competitive interest rates.